Lansoprazole -generic prevacid- 15mg tablets 14 ct.

922-90984 - Lansoprazole -generic prevacid- 15mg tablets 14 ct.
SKU: 922-90984
Lansoprazole -Prevacid- 15mg 14 ct. – Treats conditions that cause the stomach to produce too much acid and cause discomfort. Be Advised: This Product Contains Talc

ES: Lansoprazole -Prevacid- 15mg 14 ct. Se le Advierte: Este Producto Contiene Talco

922-90984 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Lansoprazole 15mg

922-90984 INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: D and C red no. 28, D and C yellow no. 10, FD and C blue no. 1, gelatin, hypromellose, low substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose, mannitol, meglumine, methacrylic acid copolymer, pharmaceutical ink, polyethylene glycol, polysorbate 80, sodium lauryl sulfate, sugar spheres, talc, titanium dioxide.