Neosporin burn relief ointment .5 oz.

922-10419 - Neosporin burn relief ointment .5 oz.
SKU: 922-10419
Neosporin Burn Relief Ointment.5 oz. - Antibiotic ointment that provides infection protection and helps soothe minor burn pain

ES: Ung├╝ento de alivio de quemaduras Neosporin.5 oz

922-10419 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Bacitracin Zinc (500 units) Neomycin Sulfate (3.5 mg) Polymyxin B Sulfate (10,000 units) Pramoxine HCl (10 mg) Purpose First aid antibiotic External analgesic

922-10419 INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Petrolatum